Our Programmes

We believe education goes beyond transferring knowledge and skills; education is developing each child to fulfill his/her true potential. Leaders of tomorrow need more than knowledge and skills to excel – they need a foundation of strong character that equips them to make the right choices and face challenges in life. 


Excellent leaders are ones who are confident and have a strong sense of identity, have solid relationships with friends and family and have a positive impact on the community.


Student Programmes

Service Learning

Annual Programmes

Short Term Programmes


Parent Engagements

JEMS treasures every opportunity to partner with parents. The hope is to bring parents great value in partnering to develop the character of their child.


Parenting Talks /Workshops topics may include: 

'Building Character at Home' 

'Sustaining Interest in Learning' 

'Communicating with Your child' 

'Building A Happy Family'

'Education Amidst Our Changing World'


School Programmes

JEMS offers partnerships with schools in hopes to foster and build foundations of good character in children. We are experienced in areas such as Ambassador TrainingPrefect Training, as well as Assembly Talks and Extra Curricular Programmes. 

JEMS also provides expertise through tailored services that cater to the needs of schools, such as character building programmes for Gifted StudentsTeacher Training and Talks for Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).


JEMS currently runs programmes throughout the year with St. Paul's Co-Educational College Primary School and St. Stephen's College Preparatory School.