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Our Programmes

We believe education goes beyond transferring knowledge and skills; education is developing each child to fulfill his/her true potential. Leaders of tomorrow need more than knowledge and skills to excel – they need a foundation of strong character that equips them to make the right choices and face challenges in life. 


Excellent leaders are ones who are confident and have a strong sense of identity, have solid relationships with friends and family and have a positive impact on the community.

Annual Programme

September - June 

Small-class sizes

Parent-Teacher Assessments

Parent-Teacher Conference



Weekly classes

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Topical Calendars

Junior JEMS 

PN - K3

Weekly1-hour classes

1:8 teacher:student ratio

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Core JEMS 

P1 - P6

Weekly1.5-hour classes

1:10 teacher:student ratio

Community outing included each term

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Holiday Programmes

3-12 year olds | Character-themed | Practical application | Small class sizes | Mixed-age classes | 1-hour workshops or 4 to 5-day programs