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The Power of Uniqueness

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Featured on the Hong Kong Economic Journal (March 16, 2013)

One of my favourite children’s books is a book called ‘You Are Special’ by Max Lucado. It’s about these wooden people called Wemmicks that all live in a village called Wemmicksville. Every Wemmick is different but they have a judging system in the village where everyone judges everyone else. If you were good, talented or beautiful, you would get given gold stars. But if you were clumsy, ugly and stupid, you’d get a grey dot. Most people had a mix of dots and stars but this one character, Punchinello, would always get dots. He was short, had a funny nose, was clumsy and could never do anything right.

One day, Punchinello saw that his friend Lucia didn’t have any dots or stars. He was curious to find out w