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New Years resolutions for any time of year

Featured on the Hong Kong Economic Journal (January 3, 2015)

2019 is just around the corner and I’m not sure about you but 2018 has just whizzed past. There have been things to celebrate and things to mourn, things to work on and things to let go of. 2019 will bring a new chapter and a new season for all of us and there is a common tradition to set New Years resolutions. The problem I find that I have with them is that I find them hard to keep throughout the year! My diets slowly wane after a week and my commitment to journal stops after writing for a month. But below, are some A-Z resolutions that can be done throughout the year and can be picked up even if left off.

A - accept others for who they are, even if vastly different to you

B - be kind - small acts of kindness can make a big difference

C - call up a friend who may be in need, a listening ear is sometimes all it takes to make someone’s day better

D - dream of the future you want because seeing it in your heart is the first step before seeing it in reality

E - express gratitude to someone you’re thankful for because feeling gratitude without expressing it is like having a gift that you don’t give to the recipient

F - find the good in others, even when they’re showing their bad side

G - give generously to a charity of choice - whether in time, resources or ideas

H - help someone by crossing the road, opening the door, keeping the lift open or offering your seat

I - invest intentionally in time with family because family always comes first

J - join in volunteering services

K - keep forgiving others

L - love others. Love covers a multitude of wrongs.

M - make time to relax and have fun - because we all need to have fun sometimes!

N - never give up even when facing challenges - look towards your goal and the journey will be worth it.

O - open your home to welcome family and friends - a warm home can warm hearts

P - pause. With the pace of life being so fast in Hong Kong, take time to pause. Pause to process thoughts, pause to listen to others, pause to enjoy the moment.

Q - question whether you are being authentic and honest in your interactions with others

R - respect others even if you disagree with them. Not agreeing with what someone says or does doesn’t mean we can show them disrespect.

S - show patience to people around you

T - take responsibility for your words, actions, thoughts and emotions

U - understand your strengths and weaknesses but also approach tasks with a growth mindset

V - visit elderly in an elderly centre or children at a hospital

W - watch movies and read books that are inspiring and uplifting

X - eXpect nothing in return when giving to others

Y - Yes! Say yes to new challenges that this new year will bring. Challenges are a chance to grow and learn.

Z - zealously look forward to each new day! Here’s to wishing you a happy 2019 that is wonderful from A-Z, from start to finish!




A — 接受(Accept)別人原來的模樣,即使他與你截然不同。

B — 活出善良(Be kind) —— 微小的善舉可帶來巨大的改變。

C — 打電話(Call)給可能需要你伸出援手的朋友,有時候只要用心聆聽已可為別人帶來美好的一天。

D — 想像(Dream)你追求的未來!在心底拼湊夢想藍圖是夢想成真的第一步。

E — 向你感激的人表達(Express)謝意,未曾表達的謝意就像一份沒有傳達到收件人手中的禮物。

F — 尋找(Find)別人的優點(即使某人正展露自己邪惡的一面)。

G — 慷概奉獻(Give)給慈善機構——不論是時間、物資或想法。

H — 幫助(Help)別人,例如協助他人過馬路、開門、按著電梯門或讓座。

I — 投放(Invest)時間與家人相處,因為家人永遠是最重要的人。

J — 參與(Join)義工服務。

K — 不斷(Keep)原諒別人。

L — 愛(Love)每一個人,愛能包容一切。

M — 騰出時間(Make time)放鬆及玩樂,因為我們有時候的確需要盡情玩樂、放鬆休息!

N — 面對困難時永不(Never)放棄,朝著目標前進,你的努力是不會白費的。

O — 開放(Open)你的家,招呼親朋戚友到家裡作客——一個溫暖的家能溫暖人心。

P — 偶爾停一停(Pause)。 香港的生活節奏急速,我們需要騰出時間停下來。停下來思考、停下來聆聽別人的聲音、停下來享受當下。

Q — 問問(Question)自己對待別人時是否真誠和誠實。

R — 尊重(Respect)別人(即使你不認同他的觀點),觀點不同不代表你可以輕視他。

S — 向身邊的人展現(Show)耐性。

T — 向你的言詞、行為、思想及情緒負責任(Take responsibility)。

U — 了解(Understand)自己的優點和缺點,抱著成長的心態面對挑戰。

V — 探訪(Visit)老人院裡的長者或住院的兒童。

W — 觀看(Watch)鼓舞人心的電影,閱讀激勵心靈的書籍。

X — 為別人付出而不望(eXpect)回報。

Y — 好(Yes)!向今年遇到的難題和挑戰說聲「好!」,因為每個挑戰總伴隨著令我們成長和學習的機會。

Z — 熱切(Zealously)期待每一天!在此祝願大家有一個幸福滿載的二零一九年,從年頭到年尾都能實踐以上A至Z的新年目標!



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