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Light Yellow Bus: JEMS – A place to refine the gems

Jun 2009

With the name pronounced the same way as “GEMS”, JEMS Learning House believes every child is a gem – as long as they are refined, they could radiate ultimate charm. “JEMS” is an acronym which implies the school’s objective and expectation – to discover kids’ potential and develop them to be “Junior Excellent Member of Society”.

Christine Ma, the founder and principal of JEMS Learning House, is a devoted educator. From school decoration to curriculum structuring, she is dedicated to every part of the school’s establishment. Aiming to provide moral, social and civic education in JEMS Learning House, Christine, as a religious Christian, is committed to be a role model of her students and inculcate values and virtues into them. JEMS Learning House will have consultation with parents prior to the commencement of semester for it wishes to join hands with parents for bringing out the best in each child.

The core values rooted in JEMS Learning House’s curriculum lie “identity”, “relationship” and “community”. Starting by understanding themselves, kids could then extend their love to people around and make a difference in this world. Experiential learning is also introduced for bringing kids first-hand and unique experience; the school will take kids for outing activities at the end of every semester including participating in Crossroads’ Blind X-perience and community services. The mission, the cozy learning environment, the enthusiastic teachers, the well-designed teaching materials altogether make JEMS Learning House a place for polishing dazzling and shiny gems…



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