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Light Yellow Bus: A DIY birthday party, the best present for a birthday boy/girl

Dec 2012

I met my friends for dinner last weekend. The couple looked exhausted because they had brought their kid to a total of four birthday parties on the same day. I still remember how frequently my children were invited to birthday parties when they were little. And when it came to their birthdays, I felt obligated to have to invite their friends too just to reciprocate other people’s hospitality. While children’s birthday parties are getting more and more popular, JEMS Learning House, the renowned expert in Character Education for children up to the age of 12, suggest that parents can use birthday parties as learning opportunities for their little ones rather than holding them as merely celebratory events. By joining the Plan-a-Party Programme by JEMS, birthday boys and girls will be guided to organize their own birthday party within a period of four weeks. Following the guidelines of a workbook and their instructor, the children have to put together the guest list, prepare the invitations and thank you cards, design their own party banner, plan party activities, write the thank you speech, prepare the shopping list and goodie bags, etc. Now, it is not only great for enhancing one’s organization skills, sense of responsibility, concept of sharing and thankfulness, but also a good chance to say “thank you” to the devoted parents, who had to blow 300 balloons and wrap a dozen of presents in the past years!



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