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Let’s Bring Hope

Featured on the Hong Kong Economic Journal (October 4, 2018)

Last week, we had the honour of hosting Character Day in Hong Kong for the third year in a row as a citywide event. We hosted the event at Telford Plaza and had the privilege of having the Secretary of Education, the Permanent Secretary of Home Affairs, the Executive Director of Charities and Community of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, school principals, representatives from charities and members of the press with us. It was a very emotional moment for me as I spoke on stage and highlighted some things that we have accomplished in the last three years.

Since bringing this global movement to Hong Kong in 2016, we have seen over 230,000 people participate in Character Day. This year was particularly exciting because our event was featured on the global platform of Let It Ripple, the founder and organizer of the global Character Day. They had seen our momentum and progress over the last three years and this year, they put a spotlight on our city and I was so thrilled that our tiny littl