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KIDS WORLD: Nurturing empathetic and compassionate children

Jun 2011

There’s no better way than teaching children with first-hand experience. To help children cherish the value of eyesight – “the windows to the soul”, JEMS Learning House is organizing its summer programs with “blindness” as the theme.

To make every child a Junior Excellent Member of Society who is confident, responsible, compassionate and ready to serve the community, the expert in character education will hold “Blindness Brings Gratitude to Light” for children aged six to 12 to appreciate how a determined visually impaired person can overcome obstacles in daily life through the stories of the well-known role model, Helen Keller.

The 10-day program at the English-speaking, after-school learning community will go beyond lessons in the classroom. Students will step into the shoes of blind people by embarking on a journey through a simulated jungle in complete darkness at Crossroads International’s Blind X-perience. At the end of the program, they will host a fun day for students of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired.

Those aged three to five can join a five-day program, “Keep the Blind in Mind”. There will be blindness simulation games and a week-long journal of thoughts for the young ones to learn about values such as uniqueness, empathy and thankfulness.

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