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Giving is Better than Getting

Featured on the Hong Kong Economic Journal (December 28, 2013)

“Mummy, I don’t need any Christmas presents this year. I hope Santa gives gifts to children in the Philippines instead”

I heard this from one of the parents whose child comes to JEMS and it warmed my heart. To have children think about others more than themselves, this is a true blessing.

Giving is better than getting

Every time I take children to do community service, I tell them this:

Getting = makes you happy

Giving = makes someone else happy => makes you happy = makes 2 people happy

When we get a gift, it may make us happy but when we give a gift, it makes someone else happy and we should also get happiness from seeing how someone else is happy. So according to my mathematics, giving is better than getting!


Being thankful is a trait that most people would deem important. It involves lookin