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Beyond the Bucket

Featured on the Hong Kong Economic Journal (September 6, 2014)

About a week ago, I received the nomination from a friend for me to do the Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m sure many people are like me and have seen their Facebook newsfeed change completely in the last couple of weeks and are being bombarded with videos of people pouring ice water on themselves. It’s amazing to see how social media has enabled a cause to be so viral so quickly and to catch the attention of housewives and Hollywood superstars to politicians to sportsmen worldwide. And amidst this frenzy, very extreme views have surfaced about this act and very extreme videos have also surfaced.

I’ve seen a range of videos to date: from celebrities to people whom I don’t know; from tiny bowls of water to huge ice buckets being used; from people my parents’ age to tiny two-year-old toddlers. One thing is for sure – this ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has taken the world by storm.