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We are students who attend JEMS Character Academy and we are in the Blue Level. This year, we have been learning to grow in our empathy and compassion for people with visual impairment in our community. 


There are more than  170,000 visually impaired people in Hong Kong; 2000 of them are children under 18 years old. 


Even though these people can't see as well as us, they are still part of our community

Source: Visual Impaired Preschool (


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Get Informed

Learn more about visual impairment by reading through our website and researching more on how children with visual impairment learn.

Develop Empathy

Imagine what is it like to be visually impaired by putting yourself into their shoes. What would I feel if I am visually impaired?  


Share What You Have

Donate money towards charity or projects (e.g. Ebenezer School) that help people with visual impairment. 

Inform Others 

Help us get the word out and inform more people about this campaign. Put compassion into action!

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Ebenezer School

JEMS Character Academy has partnered with the charity, Ebenezer School, in previous years to teach children to have more empathy and compassion towards those in our community.

We hope that our students can help fundraise money for this charity to help support children with visual impairment. This charity's mission is to help students to overcome the limitations of visual impairment, and to develop their own potentials and talents.

At Ebenezer School, one of the many things that visually impaired students learn is to how to read by using Braille

Braille is a system of touch reading and writing for blind persons in which raised dots represent the letters of the alphabet.

Trying writing your name in Braille! 


We want to raise $10,000 HKD for Ebenezer School. We want to support them to continue to build and develop relationships with children who are visually impaired so that they can grow and thrive in our community! 

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